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The society of the future

Through our partnerships and initiatives, we create collaborations to contribute to sustainable development and increased equality.

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What is a society of the future?

The society of the future focuses on how Knowit contributes to sustainability beyond its own company. Knowit reports its social commitments, how the Company works to support local NGOs and how it takes responsibility in global issues. This means, for example, that we support politics, support industrial initiatives aligned with the 1.5°C ambition and ensure that organizations to which the company belongs do not oppose the company's own actions. It also includes helping management and employees adopt sustainable practices and finance projects outside the company's value chain that help eliminate or completely avoid emissions.

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Initiatives & partnerships to accelerate toward Agenda 2030

Digitalization has the power to transform society for the better. This is something that has been undervalued by society, for several reasons. Therefore, Knowit needs to use its network and its position to influence and accelerate action in society, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to realize the Paris Agreement.


Our partnerships and initiatives:



Knowit is an active member of the non-profit industry association Digitaliseringskonsulterna (The digitization consultants), which gathers consultancy firms with an ambitious climate agenda. The goal of the association is to collaborate to help society see and use the possibilities that digitalization provides to drive rapid climate change.

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Women in Tech

Diversity and equality are core values for us at Knowit and we want to contribute to attracting more women to our industry and getting them to stay here. Our partnership with Women in Tech (WiT) is an important part of this work. Through our joint efforts, we can work as role models, increase awareness, and change the standard in the industry to increase social sustainability. This work may not only affect our workplaces today but can also pave the way for our future generations.

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Innovation Zone

Within Knowit, we have collaboration hubs for innovation, so-called Innovation Zones. There, clients, partners, academies, and colleagues can explore new technology and methods with the ambition of finding new solutions that create value and enable a sustainable future. Start-ups that try to solve important societal questions or realize a more sustainable future, so-called Impact start-ups, get particular support from Innovation Zone, where Knowit’s consultants act as mentors, develop or digitalize the start-ups’ deal pro bono or at a discount rate.

One example of such a project is together with Water in Sight, which digitalizes the gathering of water and weather data with simple mobile and technical solutions. This is a start-up operating in several African countries, which needed support in the form of AWS and digital security expertise.

“When Knowit supported our early startup journey at Water in Sight, we quickly got access to their unique strategy, UX, and AWS expertise. The commitment and knowledge of the Knowit team was more than we could have imagined when we suddenly faced a challenge for our innovation for gathering water and climate data from low-income countries. Their solutions improved our client services. Further, Knowit has the UX potential of our homepage and created a roadmap that is now guiding our new homepage and communication with the outside world,” says Louise Croneborg-Jones, CEO and founder of Water in Sight.

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Knowit supports the UN refugee agency UNHCR and its work for displaced children and families. This is done jointly within the corporation through fundraising for UNHCR’s project “Educate a child”, a project aimed at all children and youths who are refugees and therefore cannot access education. Through the initiative “Educate a child”, hundreds of thousands of children and youths in twelve countries are given the opportunity to attend school.

Diversity Charter Sweden

Knowit has signed Diversity Charter Sweden’s diversity and inclusion statute in order to further strengthen and broaden its equality work. Diversity Charter is a European network created to exchange experiences in diversity and inclusion matters. Up until today, more than 15,000 companies and organizations have joined the network. Diversity Charter Sweden was established by a group of companies in 2010 and has been contributing to disseminating knowledge and sharing experiences of discrimination ever since.

What more do we do to promote sustainability?

We work actively to contribute to the UN Agenda 2030 and the development of society, with a particular focus on positive environmental and climate impact, and increased inclusion. Here you can read what we do and our achievements so far in the different areas of sustainability:

Sustainability reporting with reference to the GRI standards

Our sustainability work is gathered in Knowit's annual report. Here you will find in-depth information about how we work for a healthy workplace, increased gender equality, less carbon dioxide emissions – and much more. You can also contact us with your sustainability questions.

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